​What is the apex of your life? If your answer is anything other than "now", you're missing the point.

​I'm as old as forever, and as young as now.

Whether by mystery, logic, or both, I will find a way.

To behold, and to be held...goosebumps either way.

The most beautiful music in the world is the company of another human being.

Every interaction with another human being expands, and deepens, my understanding of love.

​​I stand because I am strong. I am strong because I am focused in pure love.

The more I worry about how I appear, the more I become that which I fear. The more I focus on faith and good cheer, the more I become that which is dear.

​The fabric of friendship...the ultimate all weather material.

​Blessed be your Spirit!


Every moment seeds the definition of love.

​Lighting the Face Between