​​This  page is dedicated to relationships, inspired by those who have recently fluttered and sparkled in my life, fueling the creation of this website:​​​​​​​

To my kids Shayna, Kyle, Nicole and Kacey

for sustained inspiration in everything I do.

​To Dad for showing a quiet, steadfast, loving way.

​​​To Mom and Julie for belief from square one.

​To Jillene Snell for beautifully focused questions.

To Betty Beieler, Jessica Cowden, Jillene Snell, and Sara Taschner for leading in Power, Beauty, and Grace.

To Callie, Gillian, and Kelly for friendship and

front desk brilliance.

To Tiffany Gamma for the best therapeutic massage ever.​


 ​ Every moment seeds  

  the definition of love.​​​​




​Lighting the Face Between