​Lighting the Face Between

​"The Holy Grail" is a reference to the pineal gland and the human skull that contains it.

​The "arc of the covenant" refers to the electric spark of consciousness at the center of the pineal gland. This is the "lamp of the body" mentioned in Matthew 6:22. This is the original arc of the covenant. It's not an ark...it's an arc.

Combining  John 1:1 ( In the beginning was the word...) with Newton's third law of motion (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) leads to the logical conclusion that the "Word" is Symmetry.

​Crystal, Christ, sapphire, sefirot, fire within, ankh, heaven within, Star of David, Metatron's cube...symmetry. Same emanation.

...Matthew 6:22 refers to all three of your eyes (the third being the pineal gland). This is where the mystery of the Trinity is revealed...the eye in the triangle. Bringing your skeletal structure into symmetry, including your facial plate, through focused movement, brings your three points of perception (your left and right eyes, and your pineal gland) into equilateral alignment, thereby activating your own trinity, and establishing your "three in one" resonance, or awareness. Your pineal gland opens, and your light within floods your body through sacred geometric lines, which you have established in the process of focusing your body into symmetry. "...when your eye becomes single your whole body will fill with light." The availability of personal spiritual power is not exclusively specific to any one religion. This personal power (the trinity) is available to every human being, regardless of race, religion, or nationality.


Everything is about vibration. An aerial view of Stonehenge indicates a design based on the ohm symbol.

"a squared + b squared = c squared" is about exponential energy flow within a pyramidal structure.

​​​​​...we are each a Mandelbrot set, within a larger Mandelbrot set, known as humanity.


The "Trinity" can be explained in terms of pure physics.

The pineal gland is a transducer.

...the name "Christ" and the word "crystal" have the same origin...our spiritual structure is crystalline, triangular.

Stonehenge is a large scale representation of a Shiva Lingam.

​​​We are here to engage our instinctual desire for harmony of form.